Political operative with big dreams for change.

A-Teams Political Strategist Co-founder

Fight for the Future is a small Internet freedom activism team with big victories to its credit, such as organizing the protests that defeated SOPA/PIPA, and winning net neutrality rules in 2014.

Our new initiative A-Teams aims to create new, two-person teams that can achieve surprising political wins in the issue area of their choice, by combining political strategy and Internet savvy.

We are seeking the founding political strategist and campaign director for one such “A-Team.” As the A-Team’s political strategist, you will focus on a political issue, such as climate change, prison reform, health care, or voting rights. You and your A-Team will run a campaign to pass strong policy on your issue or stop a disastrous bill from becoming law.

You should have a strong, insider-level understanding of the political process, but with an outsider’s optimism, creativity, and ability to speak about issues in ways that resonate with other outsiders, such as the public or any key constituency you need to move.

You should also have some political attitudes about power, freedom, fairness, or caring for others that you carry with you since your teenage years.

You will work alongside a creative, multidisciplinary software developer with all of the skills needed to leverage the Internet to reach and organize millions. We’ll work with you both to develop and execute plans.

What you’ll do:
Provoke a robust public debate in chosen political area by creating content (writing, video, web) and new realities (such as sign-on letters, events, rallies, protests, alliances, etc.) that support your position.
Look for cases where the public wants a certain policy, but where corruption or political inertia is holding it back.
Identify the forces and alliances that, if mobilized, could break through the corruption/inertia and achieve a political win.
Mobilize those forces and alliances, again and again, honing your skill over time.
Generate social and traditional media attention that advances your position, organizing events and building strategic relationships as needed.
Throughout every stage in this process, you’re constantly looking for ways to use the Internet, politics, PR, and policy to increase the power and efficacy of your small team.
Recruit additional A-Teams leaders and volunteers as needed.

What we’re looking for:
You have a strong sense of how state and federal politics works.
You have experience working on issue-based advocacy campaigns.
That said, you can think outside the box, see opportunities that others write off, and make new things happen.
You understand convention but aren’t bound by it.
You can plug holes, see what’s missing.
You can get things done, but believe plans are made to break and change.
You see opportunity to break the status quo of the political process all the time.
You write beautifully, especially for an online audience.
Political inside jokes and gossip bore you.
You get beltway politics, but would rather be speaking to the rest of the country/world.
You enjoy unplugging from news and Twitter to work on something big.
You’re a bit of a social chameleon. You feel at home in many circles. You can quickly see how people in a certain scene talk and understand the world, and you can fit right in while still holding on to and spreading your perspective.
You hold seemingly contradictory political beliefs. Sometimes people on your own political “side” might terrify you, while the other “side” seems more wise.
You get more excited reading classics of fiction or political theory than watching House of Cards. (House of Cards is not a mortal sin—many of our most respected colleagues do it!—but you’re much broader.)
You can be crafty and devious. Maybe you were a troublemaker in high school.
For most of your life you’ve felt compelled to right wrongs or challenge arbitrary authority.
Your life has intersected with a large political uprising of some kind.
You’ve maybe been arrested before, for doing something you will never regret.
You are a fluent English speaker and live in the US.

This is a full time contract position renewed on a monthly basis. Note: since this is a start-up, ongoing funding is not guaranteed, but it’s likely we can provide ongoing funding if your work goes well and demonstrates impact.

To apply, please send a cover letter and résumé to ateams@fightforthefuture.org and include where you heard about the opportunity.

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