Defence Trade Advisor

The Defence Trade Office (DTO) – part of the British Defence Staff United States at the British Embassy in Washington – is responsible for helping UK industry promote its products and services for use by the US armed services and assisting UK companies in teaming with US companies to provide economic benefit to the UK. The team is building a hub of knowledge on the US defence market – requirements, acquisition budgets, programs, and competitors – providing in-country intelligence to market explorers. The team also advises on how to navigate defence acquisition processes and domestic source restrictions (Buy American, Berry Amendment, etc), and represents the interests of UK industry with DoD and its components, as well as the wider defence community in Washington D.C. and across the country. The team is recruiting a Trade Advisor who can lead and develop the market intelligence function, as well as bringing analytical rigor and insight to the team’s external advocacy work.

* Lead the market analysis function: capture and assess open source data, combined with insights from the wider UK Government footprint in the US and own contacts, to produce a view of US requirements and demand for products and technology that UK industry could meet
* Be the focal point for analysis and reporting on US defence industry and UK-US defence trade.
* Research, maintain and communicate datasets on UK-US defence trade values and trends: produce quarterly reports on DoD contract awards to UK entities; capture annual and other periodic reporting from the US Government, Her Majesty’s Government and other sources on bilateral defence trade
* Advise British Defence Staff colleagues on US procurement policy, process and organisations (Department of Defence and components, the wider Administration, Capitol Hill); regulatory and legislative issues; and US defence industry trends, players and competitive profile
* Support senior staff on interventions with USG on specific regulatory and procedural issues
* Develop and maintain a set of contacts in DoD, wider Administration, US industry, trade associations, think tanks, and the UK Government network in the US, both in Washington DC and across the US, to support all of the above
* Provide continuity in knowledge and sustaining enduring relationships between rotations of senior BDS staff.

* Minimum 5 years professional experience in US government, industry, consulting or legal practice with a focus on defence programs, federal procurement and/or business regulation
* Master’s-level education in business studies, economics, law, security studies, science and engineering or related discipline preferred
* Experience with qualitative and quantitative analysis, report writing for senior audiences, and communicating effectively with stakeholders
* Strong professional network across the defence industry, administration and legislature, and willingness to build contacts

Under US State Department requirements, the Embassy may only employ, as non-diplomatic staff, persons who are US citizens, US Green Card holders or A or NATO visa holders with EAD cards*. If you hold a visa other than an A or NATO visa you are not currently eligible to work at the Embassy. Please refer to our website for information on exceptions to this policy at All candidates will be subject to background checks and security clearance.

*A visas or NATO visas with EAD cards are acceptable at the Embassy, Consulates, and British Defence Staff (BDS) outposts. The UK Mission to the UN (UKMIS) accepts G visas.

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