Campaign Manager Position

The Campaign Manager reports to the Candidate, and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of his campaign, including day-to-day operations, working with campaign committee, building the campaign’s profile in local media, and leveraging relationships with voters and donors. A great Campaign Manager is interested not only in results on the ground, but also in the development of the campaign committee as campaign experts, consultants, strategists, media authorities, and more. He or She will also work with campaign committee members to get and keep said members on the same page, and bring multiple strands of work together for powerful campaigning.
• Develop and implement strategies from start to finish to drive the campaign forward;
• Draft campaign and budget plan; lead the management of the campaign budget – including reconciling the budget each month and ensuring spending is on track;
• Lead the strategy and development of campaign materials, including but not limited to, digital and printed media while working in partnership with our communication director;
• Communicate campaign expectations to the full campaign committee, including field volunteers;
• Serve as the primary point of day-to-day contact for inquiries regarding campaign progress;
• Work directly with field volunteers, equipping them to effectively train, support, and manage the youth volunteers who are helping to implement campaign activities and events in their own communities;
• Provide analysis on campaign performance and make recommendations to campaign committee;
• Travel to communities throughout the Districts and do hands-on fieldwork and training, sometimes alone and sometimes in the company of the Candidate or campaign committee.
• Build and maintain relationships with third-party organizations to maximize campaign impact;
Bachelor’s degree in political science, public policy or related field or equivalent experience. 1-3 years of campaign management experience or advocacy experience. 1-3 years of campaign participation and management. 1-3 years of field work activism. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Organizational skills and a strong attention to detail. Professional and able to interact successfully and manage range of individuals. Comfortable defending ideas and thinking on your feet. Creative thinking & entrepreneurial attitude. Friendly, flexible, confident and assertive personality. Candidate must be willing to relocate to central district for campaign. Must be able to build and effectively work out of the Campaign Plan, meet deadlines on or before the day that they are due, and be one that delegates tasks to other members of the team.

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