Managing Director, Office of the CDO ~ Planned Parenthood

Strategic Manager of Health Finance wantedManaging Director, Office of the Chief Development Officer
Planned Parenthood Federation of America (NYC)

For nearly a century, Planned Parenthood has fought for a world where every woman has immediate and unfettered access to the basic reproductive care and knowledge that is her human right. With its 74 affiliates managing nearly 800 health centers nationwide, Planned Parenthood provides family planning and reproductive health care services, education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people each year. Now, as the leading reproductive rights advocate, health care provider, and sex educator for women, Planned Parenthood looks to its next 100 years. After examining the major trends impacting the organization, the federation came together to create a vision for the future that is embodied by the goals of its new five year strategic plan: becoming the go-to source for sexuality education and sexual health information and care for young women and men, and helping to create the healthiest generation ever. In order to more efficiently execute this plan, Planned Parenthood has created the position of Managing Director, Office of Chief Development Officer (CDO). The Managing Director will work as the key coordinator in an organization moving with ambitious speed on a multitude of fronts. As the link between the Senior Management Team and the CDO, the Managing Director will maintain awareness of progress towards goals on specific projects and overarching plans across the organization, and keep the CDO well informed on a day-to-day basis. With the unique vista, s/he will also coordinate teams and suggest additional resources or cross-department collaboration as necessary. The Managing Director will drive as part of their portfolio the project management of Strategic Initiatives related to the organization’s five year strategic plan and coordinate on behalf of Development these overarching initiatives. The ideal candidate will be able to manage both the smallest details while maintaining a high-level view, must be an exceptional project manager, and be able to build trusted relationships across dotted line organizational charts. S/he will have impeccable discretion, and bring an unflappable approach and behavior as well as excellent teaching and training abilities in facilitating an expanding staff.

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