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Small Business Intern (with Potential Promotion to Assistant to the President)

Start Date: ASAP
Do you need an internship just to learn how to function in a professional environment (while doing grunt work), or do you have the drive, skills, and creativity to make a substantive difference in a two-person office?

Your Edge for Success (YES), a three-year-old boutique writing services company based in Cathedral Heights, seeks an unpaid intern to receive mentoring and perform research, entrepreneurship related, and sales support functions for the rest of the summer. YES seeks applicants motivated by a sincere desire to find and grow their talents as businesspeople and leaders. Those interested in future entrepreneurship will find the internship and its potential follow-on promotion especially rewarding. YES is seeking only candidates interested in staying with the company at least six months. If their summer performance is acceptable, they will be promoted and paid beginning in the fall.

YES provides services to non-profit organizations and individuals, from proposal writing to website and resume writing to ghost writing of books. As a start-up company that is new to DC, most of our time is spent on growing and developing a client base and putting in place procedures for smoother operations. The woman-owned company is run by an entrepreneur with a team of highly experienced contract writers who provide YES’ top-drawer services. We have a particular interest in Israel/Palestine and human rights, so people with a commitment to peace and justice are encouraged to apply.

During your internship, you will be responsible for the following:

(1) Research. You will receive formal training at the Foundation Center and do research on grants available for non-profits doing pro-Palestinian work. You will develop, coordinate, and participate in formal presentations for high-level audiences of non-profit executives. You will also compile information on prospective clients and referrers to target and vet their qualifications.
(2) Administration and Management. You will have the opportunity to identify challenges and lead working sessions to address them. You will handle administrative and management matters using your problem-solving skills. These could include business certification, strategic planning, sales planning, budgeting, and IT trouble shooting. You will also likely see a hiring process from the inside and help to vet a candidate.
(3) Sales. You will receive leads of people who have expressed interest in working with us and be trained on how effectively to develop a prospective client into a committed client. This will include self-study of Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale, one-on-one training, and feedback when the president listens in on your sales calls.
(4) Website and Marketing. You will be the webmaster of the WordPress website and may develop social media projects, write blog posts, and develop a newsletter.
(5) Other responsibilities as assigned.

You will be the right-hand man or woman of the president, involved in virtually all aspects of running a small business. This will serve as excellent training for any future entrepreneurial endeavors you may wish to pursue. We provide our interns with a type of real-world training that is grounded and experience based, meaning you will actually be performing important and necessary tasks for the company. If you are interested in learning how a small business works from the inside, and gaining invaluable perspective in the journey toward your own professional career, you are encouraged to apply. In addition to the job training you will receive, you will be mentored and asked to brainstorm with the president, using your own ideas for improving the business’s operations and marketing. We want to share with you the challenges and pleasures of entrepreneurship and making a difference in the world.

In the fall, if your performance warrants it, you will be promoted to assistant to the president, a part-time paid position (number of hours negotiable, based on your availability).


• 20-40 hours per week during the summer
• 6-month minimum commitment, with a number of hours that fits with your academic needs in the fall
• Once trained, you may do some work by telecommute.


The summer internship is unpaid but comes with substantial benefits for you:
• Opportunities to build skills and savvy in almost all areas of entrepreneurship (Grant research is a very marketable skill for those with interest in the non-profit sector.)
• Substantial experience useful for your resume, interviews, and future job success
• Improved people skills through learning communication and psychology secrets from the president
• Professional development, image advice, and mentoring by a former diplomat and award-winning writer
• A positive reference or recommendation, depending your excellence and dedication to the position
• Course credit
• Free Career Boost Package. Our Professional Certified Resume Writer and our president (an award-winning writer) will write a professional resume, targeted cover letter, and template thank-you letter for you that will give you a huge advantage in getting good jobs for the rest of your life. This will make an especially big different in getting your first job, as very few of your competitors will have professionally written resumes and cover letters.
• Opportunity for promotion to a part-time paid job at the conclusion of the internship. This position could even become full-time by the time you graduate.
• Networking consultation, access, and introductions to the president’s extensive network to help you obtain additional career opportunities

“The internship I did with Your Edge for Success was a valuable learning experience as far as getting to know the ins and outs of a small business and entrepreneurial endeavor. Katherine is an amazing professional with a lot of skill and experience to share, so working with her has taught me a lot of different things about how to conduct myself professionally and become more success oriented in all aspects of my life. Interning is the kind of thing you get to do when you’re young and a very important and useful phase to go through early in your professional and career development, not to mention the personal character-building it likewise entails. It definitely has never been boring or full of meaningless grunt-work; Katherine makes a point of delegating necessary responsibilities in a consistent manner with fair yet high expectations. I definitely would recommend the internship position at Your Edge for Success to other students and recent graduates and would be happy to be in touch with any candidates who have questions.”

— Nathan Hakimi, Brandeis University B.A. 2011, nhakimi@brandeis.edu


• At least a junior or senior in college
• Minimum 3.0 GPA
• Record of achievement, creativity, and drive, preferably in a small business environment

Skills Desired:

• Superior oral communication and people skills
• High degree of professionalism and willingness to be coached
• Patience and resourcefulness
• Basic knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel and Internet)

Application Process:

Please see our website, yeswriting.com, for more information about the company. No calls, please.

Submit resume and cover letter highlighting your qualifications to carry out the listed responsibilities and giving your ideas for making the business even more successful.

Send your application here

Applications must follow these instructions to be considered.

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